Where To Buy Cheap Oil Painting Art

Where To Buy Cheap Oil Painting Art?


Oil painting art is never cheap as painters spend a lot of time and effort on each piece to get the color, texture and concept of their artwork just right. For art lovers, however, buying every piece that strikes their eye is not possible. A single oil painting can be quite expensive ranging anywhere from $1000 to about $100,000 for high end pieces. However, you can just as easily find cheap oil painting art for yourself that is not quite original but just as pleasing to the eye.

Garage Sales For Get The Cheap Painting Art

It’s true, you don’t really get high end oil painting art at garage sales but you could be surprised. Homeowners may get tired of an original oil painting artwork which they have had hanging on their walls for several years and just try to sell it at cutthroat rates. Most of the stuff will be bulk pieces that have been made by amateur artists but you could happen to find beautiful one of a kind pieces and treasures.

Garage Sales For Get The Cheap Painting Art

Flea Markets

Although these are somewhat similar to garage sales, you are more likely to get real good oil painting art works at flea markets. Stall owners usually have a good eye and they bunch their good pieces together for sale to a discerning customer. Browse the entire market before buying any piece and bargain well as there is no guarantee for what you buy from a flea market.

Auction Sites Like eBay

These online sites do sell cheap reproductions and even original prints done by amateur artists. The only problem with bid sites is that they might not really sell you exactly what you are looking for and after the bidding; there is no guarantee that you will get the piece that you have your eye on. But it’s a good place to browse and you might get lucky.

Thrift stores

Thrift stores have a huge amount of reproduction cheap oil painting art works, prints and a range of other shabby chic items that are priced ridiculously low. The only problem here is that you get it when you get it. There is no guarantee that you will find a piece that you are particularly looking for or the right frame. The pieces might not be in good condition and you might have to reframe the painting if it deteriorates.

Craft Sites Like Etsy

These sites usually have great art pieces but dont expect them to be cheap. The artwork is great but it is original and it can be expensive

Check Out Online Reproduction Sites

There are several great cheap oil painting art reproduction sites that sell any kind of oil painting that you want. A few points to note here is that you do get painted oil paintings not reproductions or prints. As a result, it will take about 15 days for the artist to complete the piece depending on the work involved and the size of the painting. Usually, far Asian countries have websites that produce these pieces.

The advantage here is that you get original prints that are painted according to your specifications in the frame that you request at a fraction of the price that you would have to pay in your country.