gloraWith one of the best gallery window views in the Historic Core, Petra Wright’s curating expertise can be viewed by hundreds of downtowners without even having to step inside the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery on Spring and 7th.

Going on four years, the Gallery thrives because of Petra’s awesome people skills and selling know how.

Positive and trustworthy, Petra has been working for Gloria Delson as a talent scout and assistant since 2005.

She tells an interesting story of fate and serendipity about finding work in the arts that could fit comfortably inside any of the independent film scripts she was used to receiving during her former career, as an actress, in her days, long before she met Gloria.

When not acting, Petra would go door to door looking for high end sales jobs in the furniture district of West Los Angeles. One furniture design studio featured art work from Gloria Delson that caught Petra’s eye.  Although the furniture store owner didn’t have a job for Petra, she did have a connection with Gloria Delson, who had been looking for a qualified assistant to sell art pieces for quite some time.

The call was made and Petra was invited to meet with Gloria that day.
Now let’s flash back years before this to the time when young Petra was first being taught how to speak German by her parents in Kassel, Germany. Little did she know that her commitment to using proper German grammar would some day land her the job of a life time.

She did go visit Gloria that day, but needed not to interview or take part in any of the normal job seeking processes. That day, Gloria Delson just happened to be entertaining a collector from Germany. After a few conversations with the buyer spoken inside their native tongue. Petra had the collector eating out of the palm of her hand and before the day was done, he had purchased $7000 worth of art work in cash and Petra Wright had a new job.

When asked how life has been since that fateful day, Petra replies,  “It’s been really good”
Today Petra Wright curates the gallery owned by award-winning sculptor and avid collector, Gloria Delson who has always had an interest in avant-guarde, contemporary art, traveling the world in search of nontraditional works.

Many artists appreciate the space and show on a regular basis at the gallery. This month the gallery will feature Illinois native, artist, Alexander Gramm who creates in mixed media. Gramm has been painting for 30 years, and selling since the early nineties.

“How would you like to love me?

Gramm’s contemporary realism work hanging at the GDCA creates a couple locked in love’s embrace surrounded by stroke-hidden newsprint messages, musical scores, and playing cards that peer through the textured layers allowing space for a hummingbird,  placed in the piece to represent strength, Gramm says.

Also at the gallery returning artist Cynthia Ann Swan who’s pieces are realized as expert craftsmanship, with metal glass and wood panels that secure each sculpture, providing a continuation of their visual narratives, complete with built-in LED lights that lend added dimension and focus. Cynthia Ann Swan is not only an amazing artist but an environmentalist making her a force to be reckoned with.