vendorspringstreetThe out side gates of SPRING STREET PARK, a.k.a. The Row have become another epicenter worthy of attention during the DT ART WALK, proving again, that no matter where the artists go the people are sure to follow.

Over the past year, every 2nd THURSDAY over two dozen independent artisans have been arriving the earliest, between the hours of 10am and 1pm for a chance to earn space and set up their displays in time for the massive 6 o’clock crowds of the DT ART WALK.

Despite past efforts to keep the artists from, setting up, hanging their works on the park’s gate, being on the park’s outside landscaping or occupying the sidewalk after 10pm, the Row remains as the day turns to night during the DT ARTWALK, with an abundance of art sales and eager patrons.

Although the park gates are locked during the DT ART WALK the artists have secured the public sidewalk just outside the park and are ready to put forth a united effort to request park officials to allow them to possibly open the park for the artists of the DT ART WALK.

Opening the park would allow for adequate security, eliminate side walk limitations and public safety issues, provide power for art displays, and give an iconic atmosphere for what the artists have to offer.  

ART WALK NEWS contacted the park keepers back in January of 2015 in an effort to support opening SPRING STREET PARK for independent artists during the DT ART WALK but has not yet been given a response.

THE ROW is located on the eastside of Spring Street between 4th and 5th, and is where Art Walk visitors have been eagerly cramming to get “through” on their way to-or-fro the Old Bank District galleries on 4th and Main. The crowd moves slow and steady, and carries with it an array of  enthusiastic faces, each person given a chance to meet the artists, buy art and get a glimpse at every creative set up.

The future of the Row is uncertain, but  DT ART WALK artists have their hopes that the Row will permeate…So far, at least they have gained enough support from public officials to be able to stay…if not inside, outside the park…not to mention the support they have gained from thousands of DT ART WALK attendees.