Bill Neal

Bill Neal

Los Angeles’ longest running Open Studios event provides an intimate view into the live/work studios of the artists of the Santa Fe Arts Colony. Showcasing various styles and mediums, artists  will open their studios to the public on May 23rd & 24th for their 26th Annual Open Studios Event featuring a weekend of programming with film screenings, workshops, refreshments, vendors, and an art exhibition benefiting LA Water. 

“The Santa Fe Art Colony in Downtown LA is a hidden gem – a true enclave of art and creativity nestled in a bustling industrial area.  While many people are familiar with the art galleries nestled between high end salons and boutiques on the Westside, not as many people are familiar with the awesome creative spaces so many of the artists showing in those galleries live and work. The Santa Fe Art Colony, founded in 1988, is one of those awesome places!”

Knowledgeable guides lead you around the grounds, giving history and insight into this unique community for a chance to meet the creators, see them at work, and interact with them on an intimate level.

46 Artists Studios Open + Water-Line Group Show / Experimental Films Screening / Figure Drawing Session / Food + Drink

Participating Artists: SFAC Open Studios Event / 2015:
Studio #A Lucy Jensen /Kim Kei  

Studio #C Peggy Nichols / 

Studio C Gallery,  

Studio #D Stu Needman 

Studio #1 Lillian Abel
Studio #2 Sylvia Tidwell 

Studio #5 Elena Phillips

Studio #8 Trine Churchill 

Studio #9 Julie Arnoff

Studio #11 Matt Aston
Studio #14 Roberto Gamez

 Studio #22 David O’Dell

 Studio # 24 Laura Cechanowicz  

Studio #25 Kate Meyer

Studio #26 Mary Bonie

Studio #B00 George Herbert 

Studio #B01 Joey Terrill

Studio #B05 Peter Su

Studio # B07 Jason Cozens

Studio #B08 Ewa Pietraszak

Studio #B09 Deity,  

Studio #102 Olga Ponomarenko

Studio #103 Gin Han /Ahmad Morshedi

Studio #104 Mark Romay
Studio#105 Dawn Arrowsmith

Studio #107 Don Lewis

Studio #200 Mike Vegas

Studio #203 Greg Martin

Studio #205 Milan Vujoscuil
Studio #208 Maxwell McMaster

Studio #209 Bill Neal

Sponsoring Artists:  Lisa Adams, Max King Cap, Chuck Feesago and Jayme Odgers





Saturday, May 23rd

  • SFAC 26th Annual Open Studios  2-9pm
  • Opening Reception for Water-Line: Inspiration for Change / 3rd Annual All Women Artist Exhibition 6-9pm
  • a curated group show of Los Angeles, national and international women artists (in Studio C)
  • LIE – The L.A. Institute of Experimentation presents a Screening of selected L. A. experimental film makers 8-10pm
  • Food/Drink available 2-6pm


WITH PARTICIPATING VENDORS: Brewhound Brewery, Full City Rooster Coffee Roasting Studio, My Pies, Sino Tequila Tagaras

Sunday, May 24th

  • SFAC 25th Annual Open Studios 12-6pm
  • Figure Drawing Session with The Gallery Girls, “Goddess of the Sea” theme   2-6pm
  • Jason Savvy, DJ 2-6pm
  • Food/Drink available 12-4pm

WITH PARTICIPATING VENDORS: The Green Truck, Brewhound Brewery, Full City Rooster Coffee Roasting Studio, My Pies, Tagaras & Urban Radish Blue Rooster Art Supplies, HM157 Art, Music & Theatre Venue, Eli Presser Puppeteer 12-4pm”