Behn Samareh is a professor of Architecture teaching afternoons, (M – W – F) at Cal Poly, Pomona. His class of 18 to 20 academically focused students, seek an educational experience that will ready them for today’s scientific and technical world, but also get an added bonus by taking Behn’s class.

As founder of Machine Inspired Art Gallery (MIA) on Main, Behn can open his studio as an annex to the program, allowing his students and team members to design and produce art Behn’s gallery showroom/workshop and event space, on Main Street.

The highly unique machine artistry found inside of the MIA Gallery is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the designs Behn has and will create. His outside projects include, interactive school displays, décor for the hospitality industry, stage design, art commissions and massive commercial projects from all over the world.



The members of the MIA gallery team are builders – architects – and they are constantly moving forward, because of this, Behn, instructor, organizer and mentor, is constantly surrounded by a group of admirable talent.

Jerry Moreno is Head of Production. Jerry bolsters the projects while ensuring their overall quality and safety during the building process. Jerry puts the final touches on everything that comes out of the MIA Gallery.
“We thrive on collaborative work. Hardly anything in here is the work of one person”. Says Behn.

And it’s a good thing, because there has been an up flux of work for the gallery lately as Behn and Jerry have recently concluded an installation for the lobby of the IBI Group Building, a desk for V.I.C.E Magazine and a geared up stage for Ever Dream Pictures; not to mention the inside the MIA is constantly changing as more and more art is created, or returned from places where it’s been on installation in the past.

The CNC routing machine in the sublevel workshop is responsible for all the action. It’s a modern mill tool that doesn’t differ all that surprisingly from the original mill built in 1952. It’s a table that moves on the X and Y axes, and a tool spindle that moves on the Z (depth). The position of the tool is driven by motors through a series of step-down gears and motors direct-drive in order to provide highly accurate movement in modern designs to quickly mass-produce while it drills, taps cuts and engraves.

From the smallest of projects such as wood burned cell phone cases to their huge upcoming commission of hundreds of 2 by 2 foot tile cast destined to cover a Colorado building with a Jurassic tile façade, the MIA Gallery is the main source for education and opportunity in machine inspired creativity.

In April they will launch cultural event programs, featuring prominent lecturers and symposiums, spreading a new version of own education and experiee for designers in Downtown. MIA also seeks other creators with like minds to exhibit in their gallery space. For more information visit