Like Jig Saw you want life to be pleasant and for your days to pass by smoothly but you hold on to your feelings when people do things that upset you. Balance and fairness are important to you and its hard not to be judgmental dear Libra. Good thing the new moon makes this a great time for turning over a new leaf. Why not take a break from the crowd and relax in the comforts and familiarity of home, maybe invite some old friends over to play a new game?

To say you are strong-willed is an understatement dear Scorpio. Determination is your middle name. Like Michael Myers you like masking your true feelings, have a dark side, and are probably obsessed with death. The Sun in your horoscope on October 23, will boost your inner power, focus, and full expression of your unique personality. Plus, it’s your birthday month, why not have a party? Surely your family will just die when they see you.

It’s almost supernatural how quiet and still you can be dear Sagittarius. Yet when you do speak others may be amazed at how intelligent and interesting your conversations and worldly knowledge may be. Like Regan sometimes you let others tie you down. There’s a flow of positive energy from the new moon that’s ideal for self promotion. Plus, there will be plenty of guest over this season and you don’t want to miss a chance to offer them your special welcome.

Wow Capricorn your ambition is unmatched. No one will ever get away with joking around about something that is meaningful to you.  Like Chucky you come off like the “Good Guy” but you can be callous and cold and dislike embarrassment. Good thing the solar eclipse will mark a positive turn around. This will boost your self-confidence and make it easier to forge ahead and accomplish your goals. But why not just be content with your current situation without all the meticulous planning and ritualistic preparation?

You are the true definition of a nonconformist dear Aquarian, and enjoy acting even more outrageous when people tell you what not to do. You love attention and you’re not afraid to take risks. Like Hannibal Lecter you are hard to understand and barely understand yourself you change so often.  You think rules are for other people, and feel the need for a lot of freedom, as you bore easily. However a series of excellent cosmic transits means that you have a great opportunity to get on top of any challenge.  Having guest for dinner? You’re sure to offer them unique dishes that only a person your caliber can prepare.HORROR SLIDE

Water signs like you dear Pisces are easily led and are very kindhearted, but you must be careful not to let others take advantage of you. Although you may not want to handle your own affairs like Jason, your mommie may not always be there to take care of you. These days however the stars will have a harmonious influence on all of your relationships. They will also help clear away any obstacles to progress, and can even bring support and assistance from those in positions of power and authority. Somethings will still be up to you however to give the Axe to or take a swing at.

Ever wonder why it’s always about “me, me, me”, dear Aries? While your best friend may be choking on a cranberry you could be still be going on and on, not even noticing they are having a problem. Like Dracula, my dear ram, you can be a bit self-absorbed. And the temper tantrums, really? Unfortunately the sun doesn’t shine in your favor this month. Things that normally don’t bother you will get under your skin.  Your instinct will be to react quickly and go on the attack but you will have to bite your tongue and show restraint. If you feel too much anger building then find a way to release it though flying, digging, or maybe even sex.

Like Frankenstein’s monster you can’t always ignore the harsher realities of life although there’s nothing wrong with spending your days relaxing under a shade tree smelling the flowers while others work their lives away…Just know you may attract an angry mob of people determined to convince you to do otherwise.  With Mercury in retrograde drama and tension in your relationships are on the horizon.  It will be your love life that most strongly feels the pressure but your basic instincts will provide a solution and still allow you time for love, art, and music.

Be Afraid..Be Very Afraid!

Like Norman Bates, you are two people in one at time, and can become easily annoyed and cranky when your minds get frazzled. You’re quick minded and can think and talk about several subjects at once. This can be confusing to other people as it is hard to be sure which subject you are talking about.  This month parties or relaxing, love relationship, and money matters should all go well.  The new moon fell within your solar transit, so these pleasant conditions will carry on at least until the new year.

Maybe a bit too nurturing dear Cancer especially if someone ever hurts someone you care for. Sort of like Kayako Saeki in the Grudge you will never let them “live” it down, Taunting them relentlessly and holding on to your anger may lead to unpredictable mood swings but after the solar eclipse things will flow more smoothly in all areas of life, with fewer obstacles ahead. Take a hot bath, and wait it out when things get you down,  instead of worrying and driving everyone who cares about to the brink of suicide.

Just like Freddy Krueger you love to make a grand entrance and you love drama dear Leo. And you love to throw a party, but is it really for your guests or just so you can show off shiny new toys or room full of new furniture?
And when it comes to making a fashion statement, well you’re one of the best at it. Just remember others have their own dreams and that you’re not the only person in the world that matters. With the new moon comes even more new goodies including the creativity, energy and self-confidence that will get you through any arguments or challenges with authorities. Oh and STAY AWAKE or you’ll miss even more important cosmic influences.

Like Carrie, you’re the perfect hypochondriac and often claim an array of health problems when it’s usually just the bodies natural processes underway.  Also dear Virgo you may vent way too much about the things other people need to do, instead of just doing them yourself. But with the lovely solar eclipse and a new moon, it’s all good news this month as you will  be able to project your thoughts strongly and clearly, without upsetting or hurting anyone.