Come join us and see what the best designers already know…it’s in the details. In its final month, Mithila Painters: Beyond the Walls showcases a fine collection of original works in three distinct classical styles of an ancient paint­ing tradition and the skillful transition into contempo­rary themes and technical excellence. From hand crafted pens, brushes, inks and paints to the adoption of western 20th century materials, the last 60 years or so have blossomed from interior ritual wall painting into an explosion of visu­ally fragrant treasures on paper. Master artists as well as new and emerging artists are pushing the boundaries

of a long endured traditional art form to an opulent tool of self expression, social commentary and indulgent exploration which sits at the core of creative neces­sity. Come witness detail executed in rare form, by masterful technicians and storytellers. This is a rare opportunity to view these magical original paint­ings. All works are for sale. Show ends March 30th. Don’t miss out.

The gallery is located at 215 W. 6th St. Ste 110, LA, CA 90014. For more infor­mation log on to norbertel­

By: Erik Jerumanis