phooCREATION: Everyone in the world is on a quest to experience the most from the universe and all things in it. Each day we embark on a perpetual path to collect those experiences in hopes that we can eventually lend them to our long list of life fulfilling moments.

What will you watch and comprehend today? What will you eat? What music will you listen to? Who will you touch? Will you discover something new? And what will be the end all be all?

A discovery of Self: ART WALK is
Sight, Sound, Taste and Excitement.

ART: the conscious use of the imagination in the production of objects intended to be contemplated or appreciated while at the same instance being totally subjective in a person’s mind rather than the external world. What ever you want it to be – whallah it is, and pretty much means, anything goes, but also, that it’s not to be rushed or easily forgotten.

WALK: to go on foot for pleasure or exercise; during an ART WALK is like taking a stroll on the Avenue of Creative Expression, mixing and mingling with artists and curators indoors or struttin’ your stuff outdoors in high fashion with hundreds sometimes thousands of your fellow open-night-air explorers.

Dozens of participating businesses keep a rotation of artists, creative installations, and product specials ready in conjunction with the night, either working together or independently to create a memorable experience for thousands of purposely-timed ART WALK visitors.

Gallery exhibits, fashion shows, live music, local eateries, and mobile pop-ups create individual artistic-interactive visitor hubs, turning the entire region into one festive party which purifies the spirit of the neighborhood and lends to the stimulation of the local economy.

So many different people from all ethnic backgrounds, young and old have no trouble bonding with the energy of the night and over all feeling of being united under aesthetics.

For artists, the night proves just as profitable as collectors are everywhere during an Art Walk. While some may be well versed in the arts, its likely the Art Walk will help mold plenty of future collectors as well.

Independent artists at art parks and pop ups may sell art for less than hundreds of dollars while galleries with well represented artists, who are supported by their collectors, may go skies the limit.

Collectors may be the type that collect a particular style such as photography or abstract, or just attached to a particular artist. There may be buyers seeking to redecorate the office, or loft, or that impulse buyer who finally got exposed to a place in their mind they thought they would never know. These are the types of thought provoking pieces you can purchase at Art Walks.

At Art Walk, the artists and art institutions are ultimately given highlights as art stays the main focus of the night’s festivities. Art Walk is an exploration into the 5 senses; sight, touch, taste, feel, smell and sound.

Bottom line__ its good for the soul.