Today, Art Walk visi­tors and even food truck proprietors themselves would agree that the food truck extravaganza operates better on the periphery of Art Walk, principally at the corner of 3rd and Spring where Phillip Dane, creator of the Dodger Stadium Flea Market and other festi­vals, flea markets and events, stages a monthly ode to all things food truck: Truckit Fest.

Truckit Fest’s monthly event at the DTLA Art Walk is free to all and fea­tures over 50 of the best gourmet food trucks, ven­dors, and indie designers who each pay a fee for a spot on the hallowed as­phalt at 3rd and Spring one night a month.

Art Walk of old used to be somewhat of a food truck frenzy as trucks, vendors, and other pop up artisans camped out on parking lots and down alleyways across Spring and Main from 3rd to 7th.

Since, the truck lots be­came a crowded but core component of the month­ly DTLA Art Walk festivi­ties, as synonymous with Art Walk as the galleries, bars and brick and mortar establishments flocked to by the City’s revelers in all things art.

Art Walk visitors have witnessed other food truck venues and arti­san craft vending courts slowly vanishing, per­haps most recently: The Alexandria Hotel, last month, The Spring Ar­cade 3 months ago and The Medallion more than 5 months ago. Yet, Dane’s food and art vending court continues to grow allowing him the title of, “Last Man Standing”.

When asked what makes Truckit Fest and the broader DTLA Art Walk scene something special, Mr. Dane re­sponded,

“The DTLA Art Walk is a fantastic experience and we love being a part of it. The event is special and truly unique as it’s an organically produced event by artists and gal­lery owners for artists, creatives, and all lovers of art in Downtown LA.

Before the food trucks came on the scene, art walk was a fraction as busy as it is today.” says Dane.

“The food trucks and other vendors at Truckit Fest are a symbiotic and important part of the Art Walk culture and one we’re thrilled to contin­ue producing month af­ter month for our loyal fans.”

Truckit Fest has gained momentum recently with Mr. Dane’s appearance on Good Day L.A. along­side the Wicked Kitchen Truck which made its debut appearance at the monthly food truck festi­val in January.

Where others have chosen to pack up and go home, from being disenfranchised by local property owners, chang­ing regulations and LA’s lackluster winter weather of late, Truckit Fest has thrived.

Mr. Dane recently sold a stake in the business to venture capital investors impressed by the event and the marketability of the brand. The new inves­tors provide long-term, permanent capital and strategic help to the ven­ture, and hope to build Truckit Fest from one principal monthly event into a best in class pro­ducer of gourmet food truck events throughout Southern California.

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By: Tracy McFarland