Downtown ArtWalk travels back in time to 1929 in this all female talent showcase set in a bizarre side show setting. Hosted by La Madame Foncer wife of famed Robert Ripley, commissioned to find freaks for his sideshow throughout the world and tame them enough as to not attack and devour the events attendees, La Femme is a walk on the wild side. Professional makeup artists led by Yadira Moreno, create the freaks pre-performance with glamour and special effects prosthetics. The Show features interactive games and prizes with live dj, burlesque, singer songwriters, hoola hoopers, aerialists, contortionists and female comediannes. La Femme Defonce, as been held sporadically over the past 7 years in downtown galleries and nightclubs including: Zero One, MJ Higgins, Club 720 and most recently, Ebano’s Crossing on Hill and 2nd. Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm, JULY 9th

10847608_850533451684948_4361774343631047241_oCOMING JULY 9th – On behalf of our founders, volunteers, staff, musical talent and inspiring artists of Downtown ART WALK we are pleased to present, LA FEMME DEFONCER, which loosely means, “Feminine Freak Out”. an array of unusual female talent in a bizarre underground sideshow setting.

RSVP: $10 Suggested Donation – BUY DISCOUNT TICKETS


The Living DollJes Danz is a DJ based out of Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Yuma, AZ. She began mixing music for dances she had choreographed at 12 years old with two tape decks and boombox. In 2009, she moved to Los Angeles and decided to take her love of mixing to the next level using vinyl, cdjs, or whatever else she could get her hands on. She now can be seen out playing at various venues throughout the Los Angeles area. She began playing music at the age of 10 (Clarinet and Piano) and started performing at the age of 4 (dance, cheerleading, acting, choir). She has an eclectic taste drawing inspiration both culture and art from all around the world.

Albino Girl: Hannah Rebekah has spent the majority of the last six years living in Vietnam and Japan, where she started performing as a solo artist. Her stomp and holler style is heavy on lyrics, the main focus of her songs. Her newest material, inspired by a year of traveling around the US participating at festivals and taking in national parks, emphasizes human connection and honoring the power we hold both as individuals and as a collective. She is in the process of writing new material, aiming to use her music as a vehicle for healing and social change. Check back for it at Thanks for listening! 

 The Siamese Twins: (June) Bella Mobb is a rap duo which consists of artists Bootz & Yikes. The two are originally from Los Angeles, Ca. Bootz & Yikes formed Bella Mobb in 2013 after changing their group name from KRBG (Krack Rated Bad Girls) to Bella Mobb. With  inspirations from Queen Latifah, Salt & Pepper, TLC, J.J. Fad, Lil Kim & Foxy Brown. Bella Mobb’s passion for fashion & music has grown beyond leaps & bounds. Bella Mobb are two beautiful young women with a street edge that inner city women today can relate to. Working alongside with David Cash, The Finatticz & Compton AV as opening acts. Bella Mobb has been privileged to perform all over the Los Angeles area in front of multitudes of people, including Room 86 (Hollywood), Rippin  Hookah Lounge (VictorVille), Music Videos, And Much More.

La Madame De Foncer: Keri Fantastic, writer, and producer of La Femme, has been creating interactive talent showcases for over 11 years. (Uncovered, Acoustica, Blue Beans, Pigeon Party, ART THEME PARK). Her productions border on the surreal allowing the viewer and the performer to enter whole new worlds where they are not suppose to feel “entirely safe” yet always welcomed — she is truly the Willy Wonka of DTLA and only produces shows for charitable causes forming alliances with performance and visual artists who volunteer their talents to raise money thru art and music – WELCOME TO THE NEW ART ORDER – ART POWER! – Keri Fantastic


Zita Chiquita, (often referred to by fans as “the Nicki Minaj of Burlesque” owed to her buxom blonde attributes), is the evolved reincarnation of the late Josephine Baker’s very own pet cheetah of the same name (then, Chiquita); she performed on stage alongside Baker during the 1920’s when the two were internationally famous. Re-entering the world in 1988, Zita Chiquita now exists in human form with the prevailing heart of a wild cat just purring of electricity and agility. As a modern day flapper babe, in every sense of the word, and a sultry singing siren of the blues, this old soul continues to animate the stage and charm her neo audiences with hisses of that old time magic through the channels of new-age burlesque song and dance. The faint-hearted be warned, however, as this dame is not a tamed tease!

The Sexy Sadist: Step right up to enjoy the sexy and silly seductions of a true sadomasochist. Surka Noelle is a new transplant to Los Angeles, coming to us with wild gypsy blood from the Ukraine. Enjoy her many pleasantries and pleasures including years of trained circus arts, burlesque, operatic vocalizations and fire play. 

Saw Mama (June) is part old timey revival and part punk rock. Her songs are reminiscent of  Depression Era music with soulful and punk rock roots. Saw Mama got her name by mastering the musical saw as a traveling street performer, and today she is one of the most skilled musical saw players on the West Coast. The musical saw is an American folk musical instrument with its roots in the early 19th century Appalachian Mountains.  It is what Saw Mama calls her ‘Acoustic Theremin’.  Through her artful  manipulation the saw delivers an eerie opera-like voice that makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end. So much so that when performing on the street, or “busking,” passers-by often think she is singing. Heartbreak, trains and traveling are common themes in her music, palpable with each sinuous twang.  Saw Mama is also a skilled clawhammer style banjo player, reinventing old timey songs as well as creating new original music.  She has played music with bands like The Bandini Mountaineers, Raven Clawhammer, Polyan and the Johnson Sisters, Into The Forest among others.

The Psychic: Tara Thaler – an Intuitive counselor, clairvoyant, Medium, Medical Intuitive, and Animal communicator. She provides honest, accurate and detailed readings for people locally, nationally and internationally. She has been doing readings since she was a teenager and professionally for over 20 years . It’s her passion to help guide people , point them in the right direction and give them inspiration. Tara is a featured psychic in Zodi-habit Magazine and has been recognized in Orange Coast Magazine, Orange County Register juice tv, and featured on tv and internet radio.


The Snake Lady: (May) Lila Balamane is a trained aerialist and contortionist from the Big Easy, now living in Los Angeles, CA. Lila moved to Portland, OR in 2012 to train with Russian and Mongolian contortionists and hand balancers, and is now coaching and performing in the Los Angeles area. Combining strength, flexibility and grace, Lila produces beautiful, exciting routines that will wow and inspire people from all walks of life. Her movements defy what one may think is humanly possible and her crowd engagement will ensure a very entertaining performance.

Robotics: Rasa Vitalia: (May) Hot Dance, Music, and Vocal Performance Artist & Entertainer Rasa Vitalia is a hot, award-winning dance performer, vocalist, songwriter, and performance artist and one of America’s most highly regarded popular solo entertainers. She performs to her own world music & EDM songs in a variety of shows. Her mad shake appeal will inspire and set our hearts and stage on fire! It’s an experience you will never forget! She’s making a special appearance in our beautiful LA on her 2015 Star Tour! Thunder Woman: Susanna Dooley is a bosssass chick who can play hot trombone licks, and do LIVE! Art, or both! but I do not want to waste y’all’s time.

Fire Lady: (May) Shams, model, actress, from Argentinia, also known as the Fire & Water Goddess performing over 12 dance forms and styles including classic ballet. Known also for performing real dangerous stunts including underwater feats,  she is 1 out of 4 people in the world dancing bearfeet on a bed of nails.

The Mermaid: (May) Lisa Chrustalova: professional vocalist with big experience in night club performing, and successful show contestant of “Le Ciel De Paris” talent competition winning first (Paris, France 2013) “StarBall” first prize winner, (Saint Petersbourg) and “The You Generetion” UK Talent competition finalist.

The Bearded Lady: (May) Nicole Kaye is a multifaceted performer and founder of Shakti Sisters Entertainment. She has always found solace in artistic self expression through various mediums. Now Nicole fuzes her passion for performance with a background in makeup artistry and costume design to create unique experiences that are sure to inspire all.

The Amazing Kambucha: (June) Shell Stachowics: professional ballerina and circus performer for Celebrity Cruises, Nike, Microsoft, Harrah’s/Caesar’s, and Q Productions Las Vegas variety of skills include aerial, balancing, and flexibility (with or without my 2 small pythons).

The Princess Pursia: (May) Princess Pursia is a Persian/Nigerian rapper. She was born in Lagos and moved to the United States at 16 to attend college at Hawaii Pacific University. She started rapping and doing shows there and later moved to Washington DC where she recorded an EP with Grammy winning producer and mentor Chink Santana.  In 2015 Princess Pursia moved to Los Angeles, to pursue music and tv production. She released her first music video “On Fleek” and received over twenty thousand views in the first two weeks.

Snake Woman: (August) Melanie Lane – Professional Bellydancer with credits in music videos, film, and industry events and former performers of La Femme DeFoncer 2007, has performed with the top dancers and International Dance Companies in Los Angeles, including with the dancers of the Bellydance Superstars, Jillina and the Sahlala Dancers, and the Bellytwins. Also she is a recently featured guest dancer Janelle Issis of “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Mr. Rawshank – (March) Jason Thompson is a Emcee, Host, Presenter, Singer, Impersonator, Actor and Comedian. He does this either as himself or as a one of his many celebrity characters or his original ones. Some of his characters are: Austin Flowers, Dame Edna Average, Queen Elizabeth II, Steve Ir-Winner, Scarlet Pimpernel, The Mad Hatter (Jonny Depp style) and his own female character Shirley Shagwell, an Indian character Vin Daloo, and a Russian Character Youra Pissmeoff, Circleman the Oracle and many more.

The Fat Lady: (March) Out of the dark exotic concert jungle of the south side of Chicago came Choc O Lot. Yes gentlemen… and a few ladies too this shimmy shaking tilting ton of joy has come to LA to make your Biggest dreams come true. From Head to Toe more deadly curves than Mulholland Dr. She is a whole lotta woman she is Choc O Lot.


Make up provided by Yadira Moreno,  Yadira Los Angeles based Artist with over 5 years sculpting experience and now having gained her certification as a Special Effects Makeup Artist from Ruby Makeup Academy. She has been taught some of the best tricks in the film industry by Alana Rose from the show “FaceOff” on SyFy. Yadira is also Certified as a ProBeauty MakeUp Artist. ​​She has applied makeup on every kind of face from young to mature, male or female, and on any skin tone imaginable. Yadira continues to expand her creative mind and methods by being part of many hands on application techniques classes, and seminars including workshops in HD makeup. Recently discovered doing makeup by celebrity makeup artist MaryAnn Seifert at a Beauty Pageant she continues building her portfolio. Some of her work includes Lead Artist for SarahLee Cosmetics, print work, fashion shows, and short films.

Nikki Popkow is a licensed Cosmetologist, freelance certified MakeUp Artist and a Los Angeles native. Her career started in the theatre, long ago, as she headed the hair and makeup department for her high school productions and there was no stopping her there. Nikki’s always been attracted to old Hollywood glamour and SciFi/Fantasy characters. Which is no surprise she can be found on set making wounds for a fight scene, glamming a PinUP girl for a photoshoot, painting kids faces at a fair or creating her own mystical creatures and taking them to conventions. Every aspect of this world inspires her and she loves fully immerses herself in her work.

Elvia Olivarria is a Los Angeles based freelance Makeup Artist. She received her Make up Artistry credentials from Elegance International School of Professional Make up in Hollywood, where she was taught by some of the top celebrity and special effects Makeup Artists in the industry. In her training, Elvia learned expert techniques for all facets of makeup artistry including beauty, theater, high fashion photographic make up, and special effects make up for television and film. Elvia is currently working on expanding her portfolio, and has worked on short films, videos, and fashion shows.

“THANK YOU FOR PERFORMING IN LA FEMME DEFONCER – YOUR MAGNIFICENT TALENTS ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED AND WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO ACCOMMODATE YOU AND WELCOME YOU AS A PART OF OUR STAGE SHOW PRODUCTION BENEFITING VARIOUS CHARITIES” – THE MISTRESS   “Thank you for participating in La Femme Defoncer. I foresee a great show for DTLA and all of our talents. Le Femme WILL BE DTLA’S PREMIERE monthly female showcase set in a bizarre underground side show setting.” Our gracious host Ebano’s Crossing welcomes our performance artists with full stage, sound and lighting, full bar, menu, and ambiance to enhance the night’s event. Ebano’s Crossing is located on the Corner of 2nd and Hill. Check out the pictures.” -BEAST MAN   Students and alumni of Cinema MakeUp School will be providing hair and makeup in a near by location in the hours before the show. There will also be a professional photo shoot offered to you as part of your compensation for performing. Video footage will be posted online for promotional purposes only.” – THE TATTOOED WOMAN   Also, the event takes place on dTLAs busiest event night of the month, every Second Thursday during the Downtown ARTWALK. ART WALK NEWS will be promoting this event with ads, promos, and editorials. – BULLETIN MAN Please pick a time slot according to your talent and availability. And prepare to arrive at least 1 hour before showtime.” – THE STRONG MAN “WELCOME YOU MINTY LITTLE TOOTHPICKS…   PLEASE COME DRESSED IN COSTUME AS MUCH AS YOUR FUN WILL ALLOW. LA FEMME IS AN INTERACTIVE SHOW WITH DARES AND SURPRISES – IT WILL BE HIGHLY PUBLICIZED.” – THE FAT LADY   “FREAKS – ALTHOUGH THE PERFORMERS CHANGE…THE CHARACTERS STAY THE SAME. AND YOU MUST PLAY THEM. BE THEM. YOU ARE ALREADY THEM OR YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER FOUND OUR SHOW – IN OTHER WORDS…BE YOURSELF AND I WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST.” – LA MADAME DE FONCER   All talent welcome for booking call or text 213-294-8451