windowHang out with the creative gypsies of Parachute Market and you’ll wind up with one of the most attractive indoor dwellings and eclectic backgrounds imaginable. This band of artistic designers and merchants are headed into their fifth show, led by visionary and creative set designer, Coryander Friend, who’s dream of catching herself from falling with a parachute shaped spider’s web led to the creation of the biannual conceptual design fair and marketplace equipped to satisfy the needs of anyone with an appetite for object art and design.

The artisans of Parachute Market have mastered the art of creating and rearranging aesthetics to create a home ready to meet the needs of anyone who uses the space.  Also in support of the market, exclusive designers, furniture collectors, ambiance seekers, Hollywood set designers and friends who get to mix and mingle. Traversing over  mountains of h’orderves and rivers of vibrations during each preview dinner party,  offers a sneak peek for the elite, and a chance for designers and guests to discover each others various talents.

Legendary and influential designer Joel Chen created Jf Chen on Melrose Avenue over thirty-five years ago.  His inventory includes exquisitely beautiful-encompassing coveted period pieces of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  When Joel Chen first showed up at the Parachute Market’s original industrial space on Mateo Drive in Downtown, he immediately asked to be shown directly to the Alma Allen bowls that were a special group of one-offs.  He bought all but 2. Since then, Joel and Bianca Chen, and Friend have managed to find ways to sponsor and collaborate a series of shows meant to bring out the Market’s best memories, including the Markets 4th show this past September, which christened the opening of the new JF Chen location on Highland Blvd, and attained wide spread media attention.

Each show brings in roughly 3,500 people in a weekend and are all set around a conceptual theme created by Friend who  says her personal aesthetic space has always been a starting point for her interior and set design ideas, even when helping others. Being asked by, Douglas Geller  the creative director and co-founder of CNTRLgroup in June of 2013, to curate a holiday POP UP for designers, Friend realized it was a project that she wanted to put her imprint on and created each show inside her conceptual theme, while choosing designers who could relate to it.

Greg Wooten co-owner of THE WINDOW design on Melrose Ave in Hollywood showcased his collection of wood sculptural work by a mix of artists, both known and anonymous. Their installation showcased the love of Organic Design with an emphasis on biomorphic and abstract forms.

THE WINDOW is a vintage decorative arts & design store featuring an eclectic mix of furniture, sculpture, lighting, objects and fine art from around the world. Their aesthetic covers a range of styles under the “Umbrella of Modernism”, including Mid-Century Modern, Industrial Design, Organic Modern, Art Deco, Folk-Art and Primitive. They are design purveyors, selling both retail and to the interior design trade.

Greg states, “It was a pleasure being in such good company with many wonderful vintage dealers as well as some fantastic contemporary designers. Coryander Friend and Bianca Chen did a spectacular job curating the show and it was an honor to be under the roof of J.F. Chen’s spectacular new space. ”

Although Friend has not announced where the next Market will set up camp, she mentions,
“I want it to stay new and exciting…I am into jumping around now – to fit the conceptual theme to the right space – I’m a gypsy myself, so it feels right to keep changing, keep it fresh.”

“My best memories are watching the shows come to life on our preview night – watching people’s reactions – I also always LOVE working with the designers’ inspiration for their installations – they are so dedicated and creative”, says Friend.