You can say what you want about the death-defying shots and the risks taken by DTLA photographer Scott Reyes…but you can’t say he’s afraid of heights…or breaking the rules.  Here’s what he’s got to say for himself…

“My name is Scott Reyes and I am an urban explorer and photographer from Downtown Los Angeles. I’ve been urban exploring for quite some time, shooting for about 2 years and I’m self taught. I shoot mostly urban landscapes from vertiginous vantage points from often dangerous or unauthorized locations. I’ve been hosted in a few art shows, most recently at The Regent Theater, as well a small write up in Los Angeles Magazine.

(and lets not forget over 7000 instagram fans…making Scott Reyes an INSTA- ICON!!)

My inspiration comes from just living here and seeing how quickly Los Angeles is changing, especially the Downtown area. I’m also somewhat of a LA history geek and I spend a lot of time brushing up on it’s history. What I truly love is getting to see photographs of Downtown during the 20s and 30s. It inspired me to document what I see nowadays so people years from now can get an idea of what it looked like here.

I’ve been to the Chase Tower on Wilshire twice: once for a sunrise the day after Christmas and another at night. When I took a few POV shots from the top of the Chase Tower people flipped out. It’s a 40-story building so when people saw the photos of me standing and sitting off the edge with my camera pointing down it really churned their stomachs.

The time I went at night was even more memorable, though. I went up with 3 other photographers and we were seen by security. He started at one of the photographers and threatened to call the cops. I saw an open opportunity to run for the door. My friend and I left the other 2 photographers out there and ran for our freedom. We felt really bad for ditching them but we had to look out for ourselves too. 3 hours went by and we figured the other guys got arrested, but then we got a phone call from one of them. Turns out when we ran for the door the security guard ran after us allowing the other 2 guys to get away.

The best part about it is – we all got our shots!”