january cover 2015I was born in
Mazatlan, Mexico. I studied architecture in Guadalajara. My initial training in painting was given to me by one of my aunts, who was also an artist. I finished my architectural studies and worked in the field for about ten years. I was always doing art on the side, until around 2001, when I took art full time.

I work in different mediums, although I have to say that oil painting has given me the best results for the work I have developed so far.

What inspires my works comes from working in contemporary landscapes for a long time, mostly generating pieces inspired by the transportation-driven urban life we experience in Southern California. Freeways, on and off-ramp scenes, things you would see or remember seeing while on a moving vehicle.
I have shown my work in various galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other locations in California. In Europe I have shown in Spain and Germany. The work, however is being collected in various locations, in the US, in Mexico, Europe and Asia as well.

4 years ago the work departed on a decidedly different  direction, mostly abstract.

The initial series “Infinity Within”, made references to my interest on quantum theory, spinning particles of energy that, in theory, compose our perceived universe, membranes… the new series “The Bends” takes some of that in addition to the emotive properties of the calligraphic gestures that I overtly show in the pieces. They are in a way snapshots of the moods and sensations that take place at work execution time.

I open my studio during the Downtown Artwalk every month. There is always a big crowd coming through my space. People ask all kinds of interesting questions.
This work in particular has spiked a lot of interest. It’s cool to see how, when the pieces are on display, there will almost always be someone mimicking the arm gestures they see imprinted in the paintings. It’s as if they were re-constructing the actions I took at the time of creating them.

In January, my work will be in the LA Art Show, part of the Ping Pong Program. Ping Pong is a multi-destination, cross-cultural collaboration featuring artists from Los Angeles, Miami and Basel.