DOWNTOWN ARTWalk offers a variety of artistic experiences coupled with the same variety of exotic food choices brought to Downtown Art WALK by a long list of Gourmet Food Trucks who have enhanced and promoted the night’s festivities for over 5 years. READ MORE…


I understand that once I enter the lot there are no refunds issued by the host company of Art Appetite event and I must follow the instructions of the event organizers. Special requests, comments, suggestions or grievances are to be submitted in writing.

I understand I am responsible for my own waste and will help the organizers of Art Appetite provide event attendees with trash cans free and keep my area clear of any excess debris.

Art Theme Park c/o Art Appetite is not responsible for any of my lost or stolen items, personal injury, or any other circumstances that may arise outside of providing space inside the Art Appetite Event.

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Yes! for over 5 years we have successfully organized and helped promote some of Los Angeles’ most savory food and art events.

Our events have been featured in National Geographic, LA Magazine, and the LA TIMES…Here’s a list…

ART THEME PARK – featured in Los Angeles Magazine July 2014 issue – “Why we have love for ART WALKs”

BLOOM FEST – yearly ARTS DISTRICT outdoor music, art and food fest.

CHOCOLATE ART SHOW – KGB Gallery host this art, music, and chocolate extravaganza.

DERBY DOLLS – Over 5000 fans, 20 vendors, 5 food trucks and one live band to kick off the roller derby competition.

DTLA ARTWALK – Over 10,000 event attendees most of which find their way to ART WALK NEW’s special event. 20 Food Trucks, 20 artists, Live music and DJ. Every 2nd Thursday of the month.

ArtWalk at Batchelder’s – Opening Earnest A. Batchelder’s 100 year old chocolate shop and museum for indie vendors of the Downtown ArtWalk. The pleasure was all ours.

DTLA GIRLS ROCK – We love rock n roll, now put another shrimp on the BarBee!

LA LIVES DARK NIGHTS – LA Lives answer to slower nights, featuring over 50 artists, live art, music, and discount food and drink specials from participating restaurants.

PANCAKES AND BOOZE – Some where across America there’s a Pancakes and Booze Show happening right now. Over 200 indie artists on display topped with maple syrup and butter.

POMONA ARTWALK – 15 artisans, 15 galleries, 5 bars light up the artistic atmosphere of the Pomona Arts Colony every 2nd Saturday of the month.

LA FEMME DEFONCER – Female Talent show case in a bizarre side show setting, inviting liver performances, comedy and indie artists.

ACOUSTICA MUSICA Y LAUGHS – Its a rootin’ tootin’ rowdy good time, but not if you suck as a comedian or an acoustic act. Acoustica Musica Y Laughs is where Showtime at the Apollo meets the Wild Wild West, complete with hang mans noose, bandanas and free pistols.

UNCOVERED – Body painting meets Rock N Roll. Paint on yourself, the walls or any of the models while you enjoy concessions and hot beer. Or maybe its just the models who are hot.

BLUEFOOTS DTLA BLUES JAM – Every summer we throw a blues jam in honor of BABE and RICKEYs…complete with BBQ, live art and live music.

and the list goes on…