Born in the sign of Virgo you share your birthday month with founder of the Dada Movement, Jean “Hans” Arp  (born  September 16,1886) and in many ways prone to rejecting reason and logic, prizing nonsense, irrationality and intuition. However use your intelligence and good decision-making dear Virgo when it comes to producing your masterpieces this month.   You may just start a Movement of your own.

You are as romantic and balanced as Pablo Picasso (born October 22, 1881) dear Libra. You are known to be an inventor of nature and know how to keep cool at all occasions.  Although at times you may find it difficult to express yourself try to set your own course and not be too easily influenced by others. If someone takes offense to your actions, stay focused on your goals and progress in your work. The steady developments you achieve today will lead to your ultimate success in the near future.

The passionate poems and wondrous works of William Blake (born October 28, 1757) were highly unrecognized during his lifetime, but today Blake is now considered a seminal figure in the history of the poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age. You too dear Scorpio carry this passion and have no problem expressing your opinions and clarity of thought in your works. But becoming to relentless in your work won’t allow you for much play time…Try to find a proper balance and take the time to share your works and experiences of others.

You know how to lighten up any atmosphere and are fun-loving in nature dear Sagi. Yet sometimes your excessive optimism makes you behave carelessly.  If you want to succeed, you will have to wedge out all of the distractions but stay as loose as watercolorist and master painter, Charles Demuth (born November 8, 1883) and you should have no trouble creating colorful works in the weeks ahead.

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Prudent and practical you’re ambitious nature you will not allow yourself to ever give up. You are as vigilant as Diego Rivera born (December 8, 1886) able to create massive works of size and grandeur. However, consumed by your passions you may often times come across as sadistic and rigid so remember that when dealing with others but still persevere to express your highest qualities in your works and don’t start anything new until you have completed your current project.artstrology art walk news

A sense of humor, coupled with great intelligence and deep thinking make you stand out, as did American Impressionist Lilla Cabot Perry (born January 13, 1848) when she first met her mentor, Claude Monet. Loyal and honest you are an independent thinker with great originality in your thoughts and actions and it shows in your work. Yet sometimes  your work gives off more emotion than you do. Try working with a smile around others so as not to come off as too standoffish.

How will you ever create something completely original if you keep worrying about the opinions of others dear Pisces?  A  problem easily solved if you follow in the creative footsteps of fellow Pisces, Horace Pippin (born February 22, 1888) a self-taught African-American painter whose distinctive paintings captured his childhood memories, war experiences, and scenes of his everyday life. Let your life and your life alone stand as your influence seeing is that each life is unique, there will be no need to worry about fitting in, because their is no mold for individuality.

When emotional strain causes minor health concerns, you’ll have no choice but turn to isolation coupled with creativity to heal your ailments.  As did Danish painter Carl Holsoe, (born March 12,  1863), highly regarded by colleagues and collectors alike his depictions of solitude, and concealed identities, evoked the brooding nature of introspection.  Like him, you may feel best when creating works of dark shadows  with figures trapped inside of deep thought. Just be sure to share your works often as this may be the best way to bring yourself back into the light.

People falling under this sign are adventurous. Just as was Leonardo da Vinci (born April 15, 1452) who knew darn well he was taking a chance by not painting the actual bushy eyebrows on his most famous subject, the Mona Lisa. But hey, it was the Renaissance and people were ready to step outside of the norm. This same attitude is apparent in your works dear Taurus as you dare anyone to take notice in a negative way, for you’re able and willing to lash out and stand up for your artistic freedom. Even if it does mean facing the guillotine.

You are versatile and quick-witted as was Dorothea Lange (born May 26, 1895) influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist, best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration and like Lange’s photographs your work has a humanizing influence on all who view it. You are spontaneous in communication and always looking for something more to portray in your works. Be sure to finish your projects before starting the next or you may end up with a bunch of unfinished business and unwanted creations.

Yes your work is as sentimental, loving and caring in nature as James Whistler ‘s Mother, and like the creator of that work you and Whistler, (born July 11, 1834) pour your heart out and are completely devoted to presenting. Creating  “art for art’s sake”, you are the eternal-creative-martyr and many times won’t give up until you are widely noticed, which caters to your imaginative and artistic side. Keep up the good work the world is a better place thanks to your efforts.

Andy Warhol (born August 6, 1928) would have been the first to tell you dear Leo not to get offended by what may seem harsh criticisms from others when it comes to your works. Even though, you should always be striving for improvement, as long as your expressing yourself others will be forced to treat you like a pop celebrity.