Hats off to LA Magazine’s photojournalist depiction of ART THEME PARK as representing the DTLA ART WALK monthly event, in their July 2014 Issue.
ART THEME PARK is an artisan coalition headed by GRAWN publisher, Keri Freeman, that petitioned the LAPD, LAFD, Building and Safety, Building and Planning, and the Department of Public Works to sanction permits for the return of an open air parcel inside the ART WALK CORE.

It had been nearly 2 years since a permit had been issued during the DTLA ART WALK for an open air parcel (temporary change of use from a parking lot into an art bizarre!!!) inside the borders of 3rd and Main, Spring and 7th, (ART WALK CORE), due in part to the crowd control and safety issues that once plagued our beloved art event.

Coupled with the permit ban came a ban on the live music, food trucks and the independent artists of ART WALK, who found themselves on the outskirts no longer being exposed to the monetary support of the mainstream ART WALK population. These were the artisans who brought art, jewelry, fashion, spirituality, and non-profits, and in their absence stood yet another reason why the synergy that was once ART WALK, has in the hearts of many, faded away.

To remedy this situation for the independent artists, ART THEME PARK took on a 5-month trial to show the above entities that open air parcels could be safely managed and the importance of reinforcing the idea that
ART should remain the entire focus at the ART walk event. This opportunity in turn, worked in the artist’s favor, popularized our company, and allowed creative prowess to help portray Downtown Los Angeles and the DTLA ART WALK in a positive light.

ART THEME PARK brought back a portion of the 300-plus independent artists once largely responsible for the majority and variety of art seen during the DTLA ART WALK event, was reinforced by the City’s permitting process, but will wait for an Official ruling from the Board of Public Works before it can operate on a regular basis as part of the ART WALK festivities, once again.


Authorities have done a wonderful job with crowd control, and all the exhibits close at 10pm, it’s not so “rowdy” any more. There are only 12 galleries inside the epicenter now, not 50, and maybe 2-3 indoor popups. Also, there is no longer free wine, or outdoor music permitted and the ART WALK event has far less people then it did 2 years, ago.
Perhaps the missing participants consist of people who are making the rules or writing current-day articles without having recently attended the ART WALK event to acquire updated information.


In its five-month span, ART THEME PARK, welcomed hundreds of ART WALK attendees from 4pm – 10pm exposing the minimized ART WALK crowd to artists like, Debi Cable, Sand One, Mark Brunner, Felipe Sol, Shayne Bohner, Neal Burkinshaw and Matt Wilcox. Again, these are just a few of the many independent artists anxiously awaiting a way back into the ART WALK epicenter, and seeing as though ART THEME PARK was successful in its mission to bring back and expose these artists once again, we are proud to say, a picture really does speak a thousand words. Here you see it, ART THEME PARK is safe and secure, not over-crowded, open to all ages and in support of artists and the visitors looking for an aerated creative refuge, during the DTLA ART WALK.
Special thanks to LA MAGAZINE for picking ART THEME PARK to represent the DTLA ART WALK, and to all of the agencies involved who helped our small fraction of artists return to the DTLA Art Walk from February to June 2014. Thank you for allowing their art to inspire, adorn and captivate us during the DTLA ART WALK once again.