TOM KIRLIN PHOTO BY KERI FREEMANIT’S A GOOD THING IHOP didn’t serve alcohol when Tom Kirlin was couch surfing back in his college years. Looking for a place to eat after a late night of drinking, his IHOP 24 hour “What? All pancakes/no booze???” frustrations sparked an idea that hit him like a rogue splash of bacon grease; To one day to open a Pancakes and Booze restaurant.

Years later, Tom would find his energy flattened working as a cameraman in the film industry, so he “flipped” the script and decided to open a small photography and film studio here in Los Angeles.

Always looking for ways to utilize the space Tom took the advice of a few artist friends who suggested he start using the space for art exhibits.

“I took my old restaurant idea, mixed it with the art exhibit and that’s when the first Pancakes & Booze was born.”

The first show’s secret ingredients – art and make-it-yourself pancakes targeting couch surfing enthusiasts everywhere.

But the early days of “make your own pancakes” and “bring your own booze” turned out to be a HOT-cake- mess as the hunger for art and pancakes grew larger so did the crowd and the clean up – way too sticky.
Enter Steve Kriozere; couch surfing buddy extraordinaire Tom had met somewhere along the way. Kriozere brought a spatula technique to the game that no one had ever seen before, volunteering his services, making free pancakes for each art event.

Five years and hundreds of art shows later, when attending Pancakes and Booze you can expect to see over 100+ local artists, 15+ live band performances, body painting, live art, and best of all….FREE  PANCAKES!

Steve Kriozere

Steve Kriozere

at every show.

The first Pancakes and Booze was in May 2009. Today, hosting the event has become a full time gig for Tom, taking place over 100+ times in the last 5 years – in LA, San Fran, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Miami, Minneapolis, Philly, NYC, Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Vancouver, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Washington D.C., and Chicago with future plans for London, Sydney, and Bangkok. So sweet his recipe for success, there’s pretty much a Pancakes & Booze Art Show going on somewhere in the country every non-holiday weekend of the year.

“The best part about producing Pancakes and Booze is getting to travel around country meeting artists. Each city has it’s own vibe and flavor of art. It’s an amazing experience being able to create an environment where people can come and share their passion and talent. Plus, I like filling people’s bellies with Pancakes & Booze.”

LA is the largest event of the 20+ cities with roughly 4,000 attendees over the course of 2 days. The LA show has also become somewhat of a popular venue for local musicians to perform with 15-20 live acts performing at each LA show making it as much of a music festival as it is an art showcase.
Top artists who feed their cravings, include Eric Radar, Wino Strut, Cassie Moi, Pseudo Manitou, Booleep, Greg Auerbach, Jason Acton, and many others. Pancakes and Booze accepts all forms of art at every level of experience.