myguestEVERY SECOND THURSDAY IN DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES the Downtown Art Walk offers a variety of artistic experiences coupled with the same variety of exotic food choices brought to Downtown ART WALK by a long list of Gourmet Food Trucks who have promoted and enhanced the event for the past 7 years.

During the ArtWalk festivities which take place between 2nd and 9th Streets/Main and Broadway) visitors trek through streets lined with creativity leading them to an oasis of gourmet food, art and live entertainment. Seating and interactive games abound as Art Theme Parks (as seen in LA MAG, LA TIMES and National Geographic), open their gates to entertain and feed the masses.


Art Appetite at Art Theme Park is produced in part by the Art Walk News.

The Park rotating between the corners from 3rd to 9th streets on Spring sometimes calls itself the Taste of Art Walk, Eye of the Hurricane, Art Walk Mecca, Ground Zero, or Noah’s Art, host up to 5000 people in the peak summer months. The City of Los Angeles donates tables and chairs to help the park organizers, who are artists dedicated to raising money for local charities. Special thanks to Council District 14 and their efforts to support the ARTS in the Historic Core.


artappetitesummerSUPPORT FOR INDEPENDENT ARTISANS: Art Appetite supports local and traveling artisans with free food and with 10ft by 10ft mini gallery spaces, electricity and waste facilities. The daytime/nighttime attractions of the park include, Irvin Rivera’s Portraits for Hope Project, Debby Cable’s Neon Adventures, Rick Tauzon’s Face Machine, live acoustic sets,  and special guest dj’s.

With special features such as Dinner and a Movie (featuring independent films and picnic seating), Alien Invasion, Winter Wonderland, and special appearances from the cast of La Femme Defoncer.  Watch the VIDEO!!!!

Featuring TMoble Magenta Truck