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ART REPORT Newsletter – 14,788 readers.

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Glossary of Terms

Gallery Glue Article: Article featuring your gallery’s past, present and future happenings. Post on and on social media.

Artists Choice: Article featuring an exhibiting artist. Also repost on social media on the artist’s birthday.

Advertorials: Sponsored articles featuring information about our advertisers and how they relate to the arts.

Loaded Featurettes: 225 by 125 article banner ads that compliment each article linked back to the website of our advertisers.

Full Site Take Over: Top Banner and Background image for all pages.

Top Banner Ads: Post on all pages of our website up to 3 in rotation.

Footer Banner Ads: Post on our home page up to 3 in rotation.

Side Bar Banner Ad: Post on our home page up to 3 in rotation.

Social Media Support:  We offer social media services for all companies across the U.S…All of articles post automatically on our social media pages.

Complimentary Graphic Design: Allow our team of graphic designers to create ads for this website to your exact specifications.