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Robert Sherrill

Pasadena Landscape Plein Artist Robert Sherrill

  • Robert Sherrill has been painting the landmarks of Pasadena, I have been painting for years.

After competing in regional shows, doing scenic backdrops for school plays all through high school, (Arlington HS. Riverside CA. 84′). Robert got a job as a technical draftsman.

In 87′ he was accepted into Art Center to further his perspective.  Painting was were his passion lay so, he began having shows any where possible. Antique stores, Cafes,…etc. Then some
commercial opportunities revealed themselves in the form of Designer and Art Director. It was a fun and prosperous,
but not painting.  Now, he paints Commissions, Figures, landscapes and Urban areas.

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“Around the turn of last century, Painting began to lose ground to Commercial Arts, Photography, and Movies. Painters began searching for new ways to express what only paint could do. Paint became more available and a feverish exploration arose in the form of many different movements. Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstraction, and Pop Art…to name only a few. They traveled the world and examined history in depth, so their work would embody many cultures and styles.

Since then, Painting has been wide open. Today, many painters are well versed in Traditional methods, paying tribute to the past, while blending them with Modern ideas, looking forward….Tactile images that force the viewer to realize the paint surface and still lose them into the image portrayed. Nothing is as raw and basic and subtle as the organic substance called PAINT. Surface Texture shows off the quality of Paint. It communicates the mood of the Painter while maintaining it’s own character. The duty of the Painter is to respect the Image and the Paint.”