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Elizebethtown’s Change Through Art

Elizabethtown is a borough in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania famous for its small factories that existed at the turn of the 20th century and named after the Wife of Captain Barnabas Hughes who purchased The Black Bear Tavern in 1750. The local roots inspire the small town to work together dedicated to the community with the youngest and oldest members working hard constantly renovating their town which consist mostly of families and supportive local businesses.

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A benefit from their collective experience and expertise, Elizebethtown, also known as Etown has a charming, boutique look and feel, surrounded by suburbs with long roads, kept houses, pets and lots of foliage.  It’s within this environment that Sheri Williams, President and founder of United Artists Behind Bars gains support for artists that may have never gained exposure or been able to sell their works.  Sheri’s non profit organization has more than a few displays during this year’s Etown ArtWalk festivities, displays from prisoners with art work that “escaped” the harsh realities of their current situations.elizebethtown

UABB was founded by Sheri after her son was incarcerated. Sheri now works with inmates that have artistic talents but no outlets to share with the outside world and invites others with similar stories and access to artists who are incarcerated to join her.

“We Promote Change Through Art”, says Sheri, “which means, change within ones self and wanting to become a productive member of society while still in prison, making a financial gain for yourself through the sales of art, and helping others to succeed through your artistic talents.”
The Elizabethtown ArtWalk screams All American Town taking place once a year along Market Street. This year’s main attractions, Itzy and his Segway-riding sidekick, Smiley, face painting, caricature portraits and Grammies Food Truck. With far more eateries and other business than galleries, independent artists of Etown get a chance to snag the spot inside or out front of participating local businesses along with Patsy Cline singing contests, and picnic seating at the nearby park. 
This year’s date: August 14th and 15th.  
The 2nd Annual Art Walk will be held in Elizabethtown’s Central Business District brought to the town by the Market Street! Improving Business (MSIB), a 100% volunteer economic rrevitalization, development, community improvement, and marketing organization made up of 4 local small business owners. “We are focused on bringing our downtown business district, the center square, and the main street back to life, back to a thriving self-sustaining economical and activity driven community.”
Their motto… “Ask not what your town can do for you… DO something for your town.”Etown ArtWalk host over 30 artists in over 20 different locations live music this event is for all ages and a great chance to Explore E-town.

FMI: VisitElizabethtownPA.com