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craven wood string fling

String Fling for North Carolina Art Walk Fundraisers

Visit downtown New Bern to participate in the festivities at the local ArtWalk businesses. Downtown art galleries and restaurants stay open for extended hours and sponsor special events.

In this fundraiser hosted by the North Carolina Symphony, violins painted by local artists were displayed at the Bank of the Arts on May 8 during ArtWalk. Each unique piece will be auctioned at the September 26th String Fling Gala.

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Founded in 1974 as a volunteer organization to promote countywide cultural initiatives, the Craven Community Arts Council merged in the 1980s with the New Bern Art Gallery to become the Craven Arts Council & Gallery. Located in a former bank building donated by First Citizens Bank, the building is known as The Bank of the Arts.

Programs of exhibitions and concerts in the gallery and in the community are provided in partnership with other organizations, including Tryon Palace, Craven County Schools, Havelock Cultural Arts Committee, Twin Rivers Artists’ Association and other art groups.

Craven Arts Council & Gallery serves as a cultural resource for the community and school system. The Council continues to offer a variety of artistic expressions to the community and surrounding schools. The Bank of the Arts also serves as a ticket sales center for other arts agencies’ cultural events. Countywide programming includes sub-grants to diverse cultural arts groups through funding from the North Carolina Arts Council.

Artists to date include: Hunter Stephenson Bretzius; John Hanley; Elizabeth Spencer; Janet Dixon; Jim Herring; GeeVee Meyer; Vicki Vitale; Jack Saylor; Sally Anger; Gary Gowans; Sandy Bruno; Chris Morgan (sculpture); Dan Nelson; Daphne Thomas (wood burning); and Alessandro Cagiati (pottery).

Upcoming ArtWalks:
August 14, September 11, October 9, November 13, December 11