7th Annual Midtown Art Walk Revitalizes Reno – ART WALK NEWS
Midtown Art Walk

7th Annual Midtown Art Walk Revitalizes Reno

The 7th Annual Midtown Artwalk is back this month in Reno, Nevada. About 90 businesses in the midtown district are participating in the Artwalk.

The annual Midtown Art Walk showcases the unexpected culture in Reno’s Midtown district. By pairing artists with local merchants, this event stirs up the senses with an variety of art, food and live performances. Guests can walk through the shops and take wonder in the work of local artists or enjoy a meal at the distinct eateries while listening to talented musicians. Poetry? Good beer? Kids’ activities? Midtown Art Walk packs it all in one punch. You have to experience for yourself. The businesses will host artists’ work, while musicians and performers share their talent among four main stages on the mile-long stretch.

Midtown Art Walk believes a vibrant art scene is what sets cities apart. When local talent and small businesses thrive, the city thrives.

Midtown Art Walk is an effort to celebrate and support a culture of revitalization in Reno by inviting locals and tourists alike to discover all Midtown has to offer.
It’s happening July 23 from 4-9 p.m.