32nd Annual Cape Ann Hits Massachusettes October 10 -12 – ART WALK NEWS

32nd Annual Cape Ann Hits Massachusettes October 10 -12

Cape Ann Artisans are part of a vibrant arts community, located along the scenic North Shore of Massachusetts that includes three important cultural districts. For the past two years Gloucester has been named one of the country’s top ten Art Destinations by American Style Magazine.


Cape Ann Artisans began in 1980, formed by men and women in Gloucester and Rockport who were interested in connecting with others living the life of the professional craftsperson. In a time without internet connection or credit cards, the founding members created a supportive network to survive and to thrive, to grow their businesses and their artistic visions.  We became friends, shared food and knowledge, created shows, opened stores, and opened our studios.

The Annual Studio Tour is one of thier best ideas, and remains a favorite of our friends, community, and visitors to Cape Ann.


FMI: capeannartisans.com