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EAST L.A. Artwalk Hosts Themes of Cultural Relevance

W/  Kiko Mahecha Rathore

EAST LA ART WALK FOUNDER W/ Kiko Mahecha Rathore

East LA. Mosaico Multicultural is an unique experience bringing East L.A.’s various cultures from the past to the present and connecting thus our multicultural roots to the beautiful melange East Los Angeles is now. Los Angeles, California, July 12, 2015 ­­ On the second Sunday of every month from 2:00pm to 8:00pm on 1st and Indiana St, the East L.A. Artwalk hosts themes of cultural relevance that aims to stimulate dialog on current social issues that the East Los Angeles community and POC as a community in Los Angeles experience. East L.A. Art Walk fosters genuine cooperation between artists, business owners and community members to bring about the revitalization and beautification of East Los Angeles. Our mission is to promote unification with the purpose of creating a cultural space “for the community by the community.” ELAAW hosts a collection of the best local indie artists and artisans that create handcrafted and handmade goods which are unique to the area and are independently distributed and sold. “Our preference is that all goods are made in East LA or the greater Los Angeles area to help foster the domestic economy and communal economic growth,” said local business owner and organizer Ketzal Itzcohuatl of Quetzal Boutique and Gallery. The event organizers invite community members from all neighboring cities to explore East Los Angeles and experience the local sights and amazing eateries, as well as and enjoy the assortment of artistic expressions and musical performances. The local neighborhood is accessible via the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) Gold Line on Indiana Station and Bus Routes ending at Indiana Station in East Los Angeles.

FMI: www.facebook.com/eastlaartwalk