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Premo, beyond the storefront.

PREMO'S AWESOME GLASS COVERED ARTWORKA few weeks ago I was walking down Broadway passed a storefront and spotted art from friends of mine. Hanging in what seemed more like an art gallery than a DTLA clothing store. One can tell Premo is not your typical shop or gallery upon first glance. As I was wondering around in sheer amazement from seeing The Yok & Sheryo’s installations on display. After I was done “geeking out”, I noticed that every one that passed by couldn’t help but glance in. Which compelled me to ask more about the shop and how they acquired my friends art.

I was fortunate enough to have my inquires answered by two of the three founders, Larz and Sunny. After they graciously answered my numerous slightly random questions. Sunny and I went for a smoke and talked about the mysterious ways of the  universe. As well as his upcoming projects with, visual and musical artists, designers, and a non-profit named, Create Now. We got so entangled in our conversation that I forgot that I was technically working and distributing copies of the Art Walk News. However I set a time with Sunny to continue our conversation and learn more about the story of Premo.

I returned to Premo the following week  in the mid afternoon to meet with Sunny. Of course as every business owner does, he had to check a few things before we could continue. Which brought me some time to wonder around the shop and meet his younger brother and third founder, Money. Me and Money spoke about the arts and importance of a positive community or collective force, such as the broad arts world. Which I later found out from Sunny is what Premo combining.IMG_8831

Sunny explained to me that Premo is actually named after his late humanitarian grandmother. Premo passed away while volunteering over seas after the Tsunami. It was obvious to me that she meant a great deal to Sunny and his family. Premo instilled a such a strong since of philanthropy into them and Sunny. That he stated his “greatest achievement is being in a position where he can give back to the community”. Which he is doing by working with Create Now, to provide art, music, workshops for inner city youths. As well as structuring a mentoring program focusing on the arts, music, and fashion. Which are personified by Sunny who’s focus is the arts, Money who’s is tech, and Larz who’s is music.



The afternoon turned to evening and nearly night, as we concluded our conversation. I surely found out more about Premo and Sunny’s story than I was expecting, but am grateful to know. I plan on returning to Premo again in the near future to talk with the founders, attend an event, or simply browse their rotating arts collection. Possibly even do a little shopping if I can keep my self from being entranced by the art or getting into another fruitful and interesting conversation with, Sunny, Money, or Larz. We shall see, I am making no promises that it wont happen or I will contain my self from upgrading my wardrobe. You can experience Premo for your self on at 4th and Broadway.

-Oscar Brown IV