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Pets Are People Too?

In the city of Los Angeles, it is estimated by the Los Angeles Department of Animal Service, that there are anywhere between 26,000 and 44,000 stray dogs who roam the streets of Los Angeles at any time.

“Fur Baby Rescue” is a facility dedicated to taking in and caring for as many dogs and cats as possible. The facility is located downtown LA and can easily be found due to the building itself. As you drive down S. Hill Street you will come upon a big blue building with painted dog bones along the trimming.

This building was designed to care and to home approximately one hundred animals. Inside there is a cattery, a free roaming day care area, and then upstairs there is an isolation unit.

The cattery, “is where all the cats are, they’re all free roaming,” explains Debbie Vargas, the head of the  department, “there is a free roaming day care/play…where all my small breed dogs are and then upstairs…is my isolation unit with twelve rooms, where I keep the puppies.”


Vargas is a passionate woman who cares deeply about the animals she looks after. After a few minutes chatting, you will learn quickly just how important the program is to her.

Vargas has grown alongside the foundation over the years. The foundation began with the Bark Avenue Foundation and Vargas worked her way up. Today there is Fur Baby Rescue, a foundation that takes in the disregarded and the mistreated animals of LA.

This foundation is different from your average shelter as the place does not kill the animals no matter what. There are some animals who will spend the rest of their lives in the big blue house.

Surviving merely on donations and medical fees, the foundation strains for financial solvency Donations are always welcomed, most of the time the foundation receives help in the form of food, toys, and sometimes money. Their main source of income is the medical fee that comes with the adoption process. The process involves a simple meet and greet, and if you are thought to be able to provide a loving environment, then you’re sure to get a new member of the family.

Before you discover your new family member, Fur Baby does the caring and loving. Taking care of anything you can imagine an animal would need; food, shelter, vaccinations, microchips, and of course love. Every animal needs to have love, and Fur Baby provides just the right amount.

What about the rest of Los Angeles? Why do the streets have so much wild life?

“We should take better care of the animals, be responsible animal people,” says Mrs. Vargas. Los Angeles is such a warm place that puppies and kittens can survive to adulthood, which is one of the reasons we have so many animals. The environment is great, but the actual care is not.

A dog can suffer due to dog fights or a puppy mill, all because the people who care for them are in it for one huge reason, money.

According to, (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), dog fights occur as a result of profit, the desire to “demonstrate [an owners] strength and prowess,” or “the appeal simply seems to come from the sadistic enjoyment of a brutal spectacle.”

Then there are puppy mills, a large dog breeding operation that places profit above the treatment of the dog. In cases such as these the animals experience heavy neglect in an often unclean environment.

This can end if we stand up against the cruelty of the animals, by attending to the ones that are alive right now, rather than breeding lets adopt.