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Luke Newton at Fabien Castanier

M0ebbaab1-edf5-443b-a242-e075fee01a75Opening Reception with the Artist

Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present OFF THE SHELF, a solo exhibition by Luke Newton. The exhibition runs from April 4 – 25. Newton is a young British artist currently living and working in Paris, and this will be his debut solo exhibition in the United States.

“OFF THE SHELF presents a lighthearted satirical assessment of what it is to live in a commercially and technologically driven society. Newton recalls DuChamp with his use of appropriation to unshackle factory made utilitarian wares into hand-made pieces of art. Taking these everyday items and ideas on which we depend, Newton re-makes them into sleek vibrant artworks, devoid of functionality. He disconnects these pieces from their intended roles, inflates their aesthetic value, and places them in a gallery context to be consumed and reflected upon.

For this exhibition, Newton decomposes precedent in order to create a new visual dialect, specific to a demographic dependent on digital form. By taking imagery from our collective history and combining it with digital symbolism, the artist has created his own vision of conceptual expression. Through a variety of mediums, he supersizes and re-contextualizes the things that make-up our modern lives.  Everything from e-cigarettes, shopping carts, iPads, and hashtags are all reborn as paintings, sculptures and mixed media objects made from non-traditional materials. By reorganizing the roles of these everyday articles, Luke Newton sparks a subversive yet important conversation about the things we own and how they define us.

A catalog of work will be available. Please contact the gallery for any inquiries. Luke Newton will still be present for the Opening Reception on Saturday, April 4.”