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Art Punch L.A.

 photo ArtshowsideoneBLACK_zpsc02ce664.jpgAs big as the internet is these days, it can feel like you’re lost in the ocean of a million other artists. Getting out there isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Besides online markets like Zazzle, Cafepress, and Etsy, art shows are growing bigger by the minute in Los Angeles as a way to network and show your wares. Not only do these events get the artist out in the public eye, they are a great alternative to run-of-the-mill Saturday plans.  The problem for L.A valley artists is that there aren’t many active art collectives.

The table is set for Art Punch to come on the scene, organized by Carrie McCray who brings several years of entertainment marketing and event production experience.  She foresees creating a template for quick art pop-ups around the valley. “I really want to showcase the artist in the best light”. Instead of global brands, she’s targeting brands within the community for sponsorship and attendance to grow the collective.


David Boettcher

The first show will be in the valley on 9/13/14 and will showcase three artists. David Boettcher, who was raised in La Canada, is a painter who focuses mostly on musicians, rock and roll, and pop art. Jennifer Popperl is a photographer from Burbank who is known for her take on abandoned buildings, cemeteries, graffiti and fashion. While Julia Gomelsky is an extremely creative mixed media artist who’s even created her own personalized greeting card service.

The art show will be at a local bar and lounge on 9/13/14 @8pm where many Montrose and La Canada folks gather on the weekends. The Blue Moon Lounge has an upstairs facility that can be rented out for parties. McCray felt it was the perfect locale to “walk around and see paintings, feast upon food from the Reuben truck, throw a couple raffle tickets in for gift cards and treats, and peruse photography- a great Saturday night”.

McCray wants the essence of the showcase to match the town. “There’s no use in developing a stuffy art event that no one feels comfortable going to. We want to just add to what you might already be doing anyway”. There is no charge, and you must be 21+ to enter the bar. The collective is looking to continue events in the valley and will be accepting more submissions in the future. They are planning a large kick off event in early 2015.

You can contact them at, and also at @artpunhcla