Roy Alex


Roy Alexander LeBlanc is the newest artist/gallery owner on Gallery Row but he has also been an active duty Marine for the past 3 years. At camp Pendleton, he is taught honor, discipline, and what it means to achieve greatness, and also combat duty. Yes you can tell by the medal on his chest he’s a Sharpshooter who’s earned the rank of Lance Corporal. Being a Marine comes with 300 years of history and its an honor to get to wear the uniform. Roy says although being a Marine is hard work, He likes what he’s learned about himself and what the uniform represents.

ROYALEXOriginally from New Orleans LeBlanc headed straight to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, when he got to California. Before the Marines, LeBlanc enjoyed playing jazz piano but found it easier to do art while in the corp.

Self taught, his pieces come from the soul and speak to the trapped feelings we may all have inside. His piece “the ballerina” with its grand metal toto and wired face, was inspired by his mother and three sisters who are all ballerinas, while other pieces speak to mental caging and inner dimensional travels.

In September Roy plans to invite other artists to show in his gallery but for now LeBlanc will host his own art’s exhibits and receptions at his new Downtown LA gallery location at 215 W. 6th. LeBlanc says the Art Walk and Petra Wright of Gloria Delson Contempory Art were two of the biggest influences that helped him decide to open a gallery in Downtown and hopes his gallery will be one that stays in business for years to come.

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