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Stephen Rowe: Australian for Art


Stephen Rowe is an accomplished artist who specializes in producing large, colorful abstract paintings. As a young boy in the outback Australian town of Broken Hill, Australia, Stephen showed an early talent for drawing, painting and other artistic endeavors. The self-taught painter immigrated to the United States in 1983.

Yet, his energy and passion for the visual arts was temporarily put on hold as Stephen actively participated in the sporting events that added themselves to his list of natural abilities. He took on an active carreer in sports, sponsored by Suzuki for competitive motocross racing, and become a formidable boxing opponent. Still before he would again pick up a paint brush he decided to explore yet another talent, embarking on a subsequent fifteen-year international career as a professional classical ballet dancer.

Still before painting full time, Stephen chose another avenue of expression and became an Australian country music singing sensation, signed to Australia’s (Red Rebel Music) in 2007 only later to wow the charts in 2009 with the duet Let’s Fall in Love Again, featuring Australia’s Queen of Country Music, Tania Kernaghan.
Downtowners will find Stephen Rowe creating his works in the Stephen Rowe Gallery just south of 6th on Main. Stephen can be spotted just after his morning coffee dawned in a t-shirt and rugged pair of jeans featuring the paint selections that have escaped the destiny of becoming one of the numerous dots, lines, or splotches that make up Stephen’s colorful and thought provoking masterpieces.

As a native of Australia, Stephen’s work is partly influenced by the dot art and leavened by the impression of the working class culture from Broken Hill, the hard scrabble mining town that formed his vision. He combines pointillism with abstract backgrounds, using media such as acrylic paint on canvas and wood.

Hidden written messages lie beneath the veil of dots, which mask the emotions of life.

Connecting movement, color and mood, Stephen departed from the detailed pointillist technique to what he
calls the “loose’ dots.


Each piece captures the emotion of that moment in time in his continuous search for happiness. “I love you. I love you. Do you love me?” and “Each day I search for happiness. I’ll try again tomorrow.” are just some of the hidden messages hidden behind the dotted facades. He is currently working on a series called “Searching for Happiness” working on large canvas.

Stephen likes to combine what he calls “intense calmness with chaos” and cites avant-garde Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama as a big influence on his dot art. Jackson Pollack’s influence also shows in Stephen’s art.

It is imaginable that the reader will think the resume of this artist may appear at least exaggerated, and possibly fictitious. However, all of the descriptions of Stephen’s journey are in fact very true. It is important to make note of this, as every element of Stephen’s life influences the next, and is thus reflected in his artwork, including his experiences in Down town. To find out more about Stephen Rowe please visit

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