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Buzz Wine Beer Shop


If you are bored drinking mundane wine and beer and want a down-to-earth, yet enlightened environment to enjoy and learn about some of the tastiest beverages on the market, then Buzz Wine Beer Shop should be on your list of places to visit. As highlighted on Buzz’s website, “We are tired of old-school thinking, ‘wine speak’ intimidation, silly ‘nose-in-the-air’ formalities, inflated prices and crappy supermarket wines.”

Located in downtown Los Angeles at 460 S. Spring Street, this specialized wine and beer shop is a desirable destination for beer and wine enthusiasts, as well as those new to the allure of vino and brews. Visiting Buzz encourages a new passion for not only the taste, but the art and science behind these beverages.

The owner, David Bakhshi, and managing partner, Scott Kamalski, sample a few hundred wines each week to provide consumers with some of the best organic, natural, biodynamic (one of the newer agricultural trends in developing organic wine with a comprehensive environmental approach that is suggested to be better for the Earth and more pleasing to the palette) bottles of vino. From the countless tastings, Buzz only selects a couple new bottles each week to add to the store; so you know you are getting to experience some of the best wines out there.

Kamalski says that, “Most stores that sell bottles buy common brands that are overproduced, ‘almost generic,’ and they buy cheap and sell high. At Buzz, wine and beer is curated – big difference. We seek uncommon bottles from unique producers that are often natural, limited production and distribute typically from family-owned vineyards, and our beer is some of the most highly rated that can be found.”
Kamalski added, “What this means to Buzz customers is superb and unique value-driven products that are like a far more expensive bottle. And best of all, we have a bar where we are constantly changing the selection of some 30 wines and 10 fresh beers. Also, we are open until 2 a.m. 7 days a week.”

Kamalski describes Buzz’s concept as “completely experiential. The management , service style, atmosphere, design and the products were conceptually conceived to deliver an experience like no other visit to a shop that sells bottles.”

Being a wine lover myself, visiting Buzz is a treat. Many of the wines are reasonably priced, and the selection is diverse, with countless bottles of red, white, sparkling and pink wines to choose from. There’s even Kosher red and white wine available.

If the wine selection is not enough to entice you to check out Buzz, perhaps, its comprehensive collection of brews will interest you. The extensive international beer list ranges from dark ales to sweeter, fruity flavors, and the domestic brews are specially crafted by some of the best microbreweries in the United States. There is also a generous amount of Belgian beers available and a selection of brews created right here in California.

To top off this Downtown gem, the staff is knowledgeable, personable and helpful. One can feel comfortable asking questions to hone wine and beer knowledge while sipping on an enjoyable beverage.
Buzz also hosts a variety of events that enable visitors to taste new beverages and socialize with cool people who enjoy a good brew and a tasty glass of wine. Find out when the next gathering is at

For those that do not live close to downtown Los Angeles, no need to worry. Buzz will ship wine and beer directly to your home. Take a look at this link to learn more about the online ordering process.

Checking out Buzz is a must; this wine and beer shop serves as a unique attraction in Downtown Los Angeles and gives Angeleno’s from various parts of the city another reason to experience the excitement happening in L.A.’s rapidly evolving downtown.


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