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Human Resources Beer Gallery

Writer Brandon Rachel of The Grawn stops by Human Resources Beer Company to chat with Jorge and Erwin. Brothers. Beer Lovers. Owners. Entrepreneurs.

So how did you guys get started?
Jorge: We got started in January (2013). Our interest was to focus on beer. We’re beer drinkers ourselves and as far as the whole beer [craft beer] trend is going on right now…it’s very popular here in Downtown, especially alcohol varieties that are very hard to get. So that’s been the main focus. That and also wine.

Your vibe here seems very urban and hip. Was it
something you were going for originally?
Erwin: Yeah, if I was gonna be involved in this then we were gonna make a space that we would like to be in and work in. So yeah that was definitely the intention. I’m also inspired by the location; it’s been here for a while and I’m just trying to stay true to the clients (they’ve been coming here for 50 years) and things like that. The environment was a conscious decision and effort to make it seem unique and inviting.

So you guys said you opened in January, what’s the clientele been like so far?
Jorge: It’s all over the place. Its Downtown so it’s open to all ends of the spectrum. We get crazy people with like…pants halfway down and other people from the neighborhood…(dog briefly interrupts). So yeah, our customers are interesting.

And what type of art do you do?
Jorge: I used to be a painter but now I’ve kind of gotten into mixed media.

Wow how long have you been an artist?
Jorge: Well I went to school at the Art Center for Fine Art…so 5yrs. And my brother too. So we’re both artists, born and raised in LA….

Painting or mixed media?
Jorge: Yeah…mixed media. We both graduated from the Art Center and that just influenced the whole space. I built this shelf here and that desk there….we just want to be more involved with our space. I mean we can sign up with a distributor and they can give us refrigerators and things like that, but they have their logos everywhere. So we’re trying to be not so much…I mean we do have a few Coca Cola’s in the refrigerators in here but it’s not about branding or things like that.
Yeah you want to put a stamp on something that says ,“This is mine. I created that.”

Erwin: Yeah it’s about the product and what we sell and the customer service and the relationships we have with other people. Still we’re growing and getting more interested in other things.

It’s seems like you guys utilize this space pretty well…
Jorge: It’s probably changed 5 or 6 different times now

Erwin: yeah we moved it around a lot. this space was really old and rundown. Basically me, my dad, and my brother did everything ourselves. We took the floor out, painted it…just trying to find the best orientation, and the best flow of everything. I don’t want to get settled and established I want to be open to change.

You guys have an interesting assortment of beers. I mean some I haven’t even seen before.
Erwin: Yeah anybody can order it; any liquor store can order them. I just basically have good relationships with distributors and sales representatives. Companies would come and sample beer with me and show me different products. Sometimes when people come in and they’re looking for something that we don’t have, I’ll take that down and try to get it for them next time. So yeah it’s always changing and I’m bringing something new to our business. It wasn’t something I was planning on doing at first, but it’s just interesting being here in Downtown and this environment.

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