Does your pet have raised red bumps on their stomach, ears, tail, back end they persistently bite and scratch at, and have itchy feet?

Does your pet seem to get ear infections regularly?

Does your pet seem to never have solid stool, or vomit more than they should?

Does any of the above listed apply to your pet ?
There comes a day in a pet owners life when their beloved animal might seem a little “off”. Maybe your cat ate one of your plants and his stomach is upset, or your dog is limping after a long day of playing at the doggy park. In most cases, pet owners are able to decipher what is wrong with their animal after a trip to the vet. However sometimes, owners are left with no answer and are sent home with a medication that just doesn’t seem to help. It is possible that your pet is wrongly diagnosed, and is being treated for something slightly different than what is actually happening. This can leave the owners feeling hopeless and distraught for an answer to cure whatever mystery “ailment” seems to have taken hold of their animal. Alas, an answer!

Food allergies account for 10-15% of itching and biting in our furry friends. Some owners are not even aware that allergies could possibly be the catalyst in their poor animal’s suffering; let alone that it is their food that causes it. Do not fret, there is light at the end of this itchy tunnel, pet owners!
If these apply to your animal, you now have an answer to your itching question! But how can we fix it you ask? The answer is very simple, and not quite as overwhelming as it may seem; you need to change their diet. The most common allergens for animals are Grains, Chicken, Gluten, Beef, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, and Whitefish. What is left to feed them you ask ? Plenty of allergy friendly and nutrient rich foods are available for your pets to enjoy. Most allergy pets are able to eat foods that are grain-free with lamb, duck, turkey, salmon, venison, bison and potatoes. The first step would be figuring out just what it is your pet is allergic to. This can be done with a simple allergy test at the vet, or at home with the simple process of elimination. First, remove grain. If the reactions are still occurring then remove the meat source that is in the food, typically beef or chicken.This process might be a bit rough on your budget and on your animals digestive system as changing food formulas can be a bit of a turbulent process. To be safe just go for a brand that is completely free of all all of the above allergens. NOW by Petcurean is an excellent food for allergy animals because the main ingredients are turkey, duck, and salmon. it’s also grain, gluten and soy free. NOW is also compressed with coconut oil, which will help your animals digestive track get back into shape as well as help heal nasty allergy sores from the inside out! If you have removed all of the above allergens from your animals diet and the itching persists, go to the vet for an allergy test to find the culprit!

barkpupAnother bit of advice for allergy parents is how to care of the allergy sores left on their pets. Bathing them too often while their sores are trying to heal can be counterproductive. Too many baths will strip the skin of its natural oils and can cause the sores to get even worse. Clean the sores if they are open and raw with Dial Soap, it is alcohol free and will clean out your pets wound thoroughly. After you have cleaned it, and you see the wound is starting to heal, go to your local health food store and get pure vitamin E oil. Apply this to your pets sores regularly until they have healed. If you do need to bathe them, be sure to use Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe all natural shampoo for a gentle and moisturizing wash. In this growing pet market full of nutritious and healthy options, life is getting much easier to provide your allergy pet with many nutritious and delicious limited ingredient foods and treats. As far as treats go, Whole Life and Stella and Chewey’s offer many freeze dried treat options that are limited to one ingredient, making them allergy safe.

Once you and your pet have worked through this little rough patch, and you have an understanding of what your animal needs, you two can be back to belly rubs and playtime sooner than you’d expect! If you need any help along the way be sure to stop by and see me at Pet Project, Located on the corner of 6th and Spring in Downtown LA, Monday through Friday, 10am-8pm, or Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm.

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