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Freaking Out at the PYO Gallery: Legendary Artists Return to Los Angeles After 30 Years

This March, artist Kyle Au­gust Lind makes his return to Los Angeles with an exhibition of meticulous “process” pieces created over the last 50 years. A prominent figure of the LA’s legendary 1960s Freak scene, Lind’s elaborate and intri­cately detailed works reveal a deep-rooted spirituality and are imbued with the energy and liberation of the hippie move­ment.

Born in Lan­sing, Michigan, in 1940, but ulti­mately evolving from the Coun­terculture move­ment that blos­somed in Los Angeles during the 1960s, art­ist Kyle August Lind offers new visual insight into a fabled era. After receiving a scholarship to Art Center and a dalliance with advertising creative, Lind dropped out of conventional life and joined Vito’s Danc­ers, an experimental troupe that performed with icons like Frank Zappa and the Doors. He lived in Laurel Canyon. He married into Hollywood royal­ty. Artist by day and dancer by night, Lind embraced and em­bodied the magic of the mo­ment. Then, he disappeared.


“The serious artist must be a ding-dong, a bum, a magician, a priest, a salesman, a nice guy, and a spiritual being with a four-inch thick skin. He must be bullet-proof, and very, very, very patient.” Kyle August Lind


Lind’s exactingly executed works—many of which have taken decades to complete— are a testament to his devotion to live in a simpler way. Yogi. Hindu. Hippie. After traveling the world, returning to school, organizing exhibitions and building a home on a remote island in western Oregon, Lind still effervesces with the mes­sage of his youth: peace.

The show features Lind’s paintings, drawings, and mixed media and fea­tures the artist’s monumental (14 x 7.5 ft.) canvas, Cartoon in the Interior of Atom, which was be­gun in 1966 and took 42 years to complete.

Images are available now. Interviews can be arranged with Kyle Au­gust Lind and Heidi Chang, Vice President of PYO Gallery.

FREAKING OUT: The Pro­cess Art of Kyle August Lind, 1965–2012 is organized by RMK Services and PYO Gal­lery LA.

For further media informa­tion, contact Maile Pingel at ACG: maile@artscommunica­ or 323-424-3856.

For more information and a short documentary _lm, please visit And we invite you to join the on­line conversation at Facebook. com/KyleAugustLind.

By: Magnolio Bugarin

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